Finished Project


I finished my diamond lace socks and I love them!  My ravelry projects page says I started these socks in June 2015.  I’m not sure why I set them aside for so long but I’m glad I finished them now.  Winter is coming and hand knit socks are so comfortable and warm – so I promptly cast on another pair.


The pattern is Gillabbey from the book Knitting With Rainbows from Carol Feller.  The yarn is “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” from Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium.  I’m knitting them two at a time on a long circular needle.  I love this method as I don’t have to keep handwritten notes while knitting the first sock so that I can knit the second the exact number of rounds.

I’m still knitting my Celtic Cable sweater and the pickup sticks I ordered to be able to weave my lap blanket came in the mail the other day so I’m working on that as well.

As for all the other projects in the wings, I have been looking them over every few days and deciding if I really love them.  Knitters have a phrase for a condition that affects some of us and makes us want to cast on and start knitting every pattern that speaks to us.  The condition is “castonitis” and I definately have it !  Not that I mind – I love to see how a stitch pattern unfolds as you knit it, but sometimes after knitting it for awhile I decide I’ve had enough of it.  When I get to that stage I usually set the project aside and start something else.  I need to learn to decide right there and then if I will want to continue with the pattern or unravel it before I start on the next pattern that catches my eye.  Most of my works in progress have been unraveled with no regrets on my part.  There are a couple that are almost complete so I will finish them as I get to them.



Knitting Progress

I’m slowly knitting on my WIPs (works in progress), or UFOs (UnFinished Objects).  I’m never sure what to call them.  I have gone through my pile and have decided not to complete a few of them.  I’m listening to a friend of mine who gave me some great advice.  She said to be very ruthless, unless you really love it, let it go.  So I’m doing that.  I will have a revised list this weekend.  There are still far too many, and last week when I was looking for the right yarn to complete my Hediye shawl, I found 3 more projects in my yarn bins!  Who knows how many more are lurking in bins!

I’ve done a little knitting on the diamond lace socks – I did have one complete sock knitted before I made my list.

Diamond Lace Socks

I love gradient yarn!  The gradient keeps you knitting to see what the next colour will look for.  But in the case of knitting the second sock I already know, but I think it helps anyway.

I’ve also started again on my Fantoosh Shawl.

Fantoosh Shawl

I started this shawl May 2015, not sure why I put it aside.  I’m knitting this with Hiloris wonderful gradient (again).  She did a custom job for me and dyed the Ocean Pearl colourway over two skeins of yarn instead of one.  The yarn is BFL and it is very soft.  This shawl will be big, soft and very light weight.  The pattern designer is Kate Davies.

I’ve also been thinking about what to knit my grandchildren this year for Christmas.  I spent a couple of evenings this past weekend looking at patterns and casting on and trying a few.  I finally decided on the old standby – plain mittens.  I could spend hours and hours knitting some very adorable and intricate patterns that are available now, but while I love my grandchildren and they love to receive my knitting, kids are kids.  When they are older I will knit them whatever they desire, but at this point I will knit them plain mitts, hats and scarves.  That way nobody feels too badly if an item is left at school, the bus or a store never to be seen again.  I have a pair started.

Christmas mittens 1

Knit with Cascade 200, they will be nice and warm.  I usually knit mitts on double-pointed needles, but about halfway through the first mitten I remembered that I have a long circular needle in the correct size so decided to try magic loop.  I like knitting socks with this method, I don’t know why I never thought of using it for mittens.  Old habits die hard I suppose.