A fall sweater, a new weaving technique and some progress…

I haven’t had much time to knit over the last couple of weeks.  Between work, visiting, 4 grandkids birthdays and  trying to squeeze summer activities into the last few weeks, time just flies by!

I’ve made a little progress on the diamond lace socks and fantoosh shawl.

I love both of these projects, but for some reason I’ve really stalled in getting them done.  I think it is just the time of year.  The weather up until this week has been gorgeous, the wild blueberries are ready to be picked, the plums and apples on our trees are getting close.  I’ve been picking them and eating a few a day even though they are not quite ripe, they are still so yummy!  Much better then anything I can buy at the store.

I’ve also joined a knit a long (KAL) to knit a cabled cardigan.  For those who don’t know, a Knit A Long is when a group of knitters work on the same project at the same time and post their progress pictures, ask questions if they are having problems and have fun.  The sweater is a beautiful design by Cheryl Beckerich  called Celtic Grace.  The pattern is available on her website and on Ravelry.  She is hosting the KAL on Ravelry and on Facebook and is very helpful and encouraging.


Here is my progress so far.


Hopefully I will have time on the weekend to work on it more.  The great thing about this, besides the fabulous sweater I will end up with, is that I had the required yarn in my stash.  Bonus!  In fact, I have enough of this yarn to knit four sweaters each in different colours.  I’m not sure what I originally purchased the yarn for, but with that much on hand I must have been planning a blanket.  The yarn is Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool and my sweater is going to be cuddly and warm!

Something I will be starting on in September is a Weave A Long.  Same concept as a Knit A Long, only weaving!  I’ve owned a rigid heddle loom for a couple of years now and have woven several scarves.  My loom is 24 inches wide.  By adding a second heddle, a person can weave double the width of the loom.  I’ve read about it, watched a couple of YouTube videos and ordered the second heddle kit last year.  It looks so complicated that I haven’t tried it.  Well I came across a double width weave a long that will start in September, so I joined and will watch, learn and participate and hopefully end up with a lap blanket. I’m really excited about this, I love learning new things.

So, my plan for the next month is to keep working on the WIPs, trying to finish at least one, work on my grandkids Christmas presents, knit along on the Celtic Grace sweater and learn to double weave!

Knitting Progress

I’m slowly knitting on my WIPs (works in progress), or UFOs (UnFinished Objects).  I’m never sure what to call them.  I have gone through my pile and have decided not to complete a few of them.  I’m listening to a friend of mine who gave me some great advice.  She said to be very ruthless, unless you really love it, let it go.  So I’m doing that.  I will have a revised list this weekend.  There are still far too many, and last week when I was looking for the right yarn to complete my Hediye shawl, I found 3 more projects in my yarn bins!  Who knows how many more are lurking in bins!

I’ve done a little knitting on the diamond lace socks – I did have one complete sock knitted before I made my list.

Diamond Lace Socks

I love gradient yarn!  The gradient keeps you knitting to see what the next colour will look for.  But in the case of knitting the second sock I already know, but I think it helps anyway.

I’ve also started again on my Fantoosh Shawl.

Fantoosh Shawl

I started this shawl May 2015, not sure why I put it aside.  I’m knitting this with Hiloris wonderful gradient (again).  She did a custom job for me and dyed the Ocean Pearl colourway over two skeins of yarn instead of one.  The yarn is BFL and it is very soft.  This shawl will be big, soft and very light weight.  The pattern designer is Kate Davies.

I’ve also been thinking about what to knit my grandchildren this year for Christmas.  I spent a couple of evenings this past weekend looking at patterns and casting on and trying a few.  I finally decided on the old standby – plain mittens.  I could spend hours and hours knitting some very adorable and intricate patterns that are available now, but while I love my grandchildren and they love to receive my knitting, kids are kids.  When they are older I will knit them whatever they desire, but at this point I will knit them plain mitts, hats and scarves.  That way nobody feels too badly if an item is left at school, the bus or a store never to be seen again.  I have a pair started.

Christmas mittens 1

Knit with Cascade 200, they will be nice and warm.  I usually knit mitts on double-pointed needles, but about halfway through the first mitten I remembered that I have a long circular needle in the correct size so decided to try magic loop.  I like knitting socks with this method, I don’t know why I never thought of using it for mittens.  Old habits die hard I suppose.

New Year Resolution


Late last year I decided to organize my craft room because while I do have a designated room for my craft tools and supplies, they were scattered all over the house and what was actually IN the craft room was a mess.  Gathering and organizing took a lot more time than I thought it would and also involved buying more large clear bins. I started organizing my yarn by weight.  I knew I had a lot of yarn, more than I would ever use….but until I got it all together I didn’t actually know it!  So, I made a resolution not to buy any more yarn until I made a huge dent in my stash.  I have 7 full large Rubbermaid containers of fingering weight and sock yarn alone!  Yikes.  Put everything together and I’m sure I could open a shop.

I was proud of myself for sticking with it, and pairing patterns I already owned with yarn that I had on hand.  Then I saw patterns I didn’t have that I wanted.  So I bought them, saying that my resolution was not to buy yarn.  Nothing mentioned about patterns.  Then a couple of months ago Luise of Impeccable Knits released a pattern for a gorgeous shawl, and her and Carol put together a kit with the pattern and yarn which Carol had dyed.  I chat with both of these wonderful ladies on Ravelry, and while I had planned to purchase the pattern, when I saw the yarn Carol dyed, I purchased the kit….with one of each of the two skeins offered.  I couldn’t make up my mind which I liked better!  I justified that purchase because even though I had more than enough fingering weight yarn here, Carol is a friend and has a terrific eye for colour (her hand dyed yarn is fabulous).  The pattern was In My Mother’s Garden, and I finished it a few weeks ago.  I love it!  I will knit another one with the other colourway of Carol’s at some point.


So one minor purchase in 7 months.  Today that went right out the window!  Being a holiday Monday here in Canada the office was closed and I spent the whole day knitting and just bumming around the house.  This afternoon I was scrolling through Facebook posts and one from Hiloris Yarnorium caught my eye.  I clicked on it and was looking at her Etsy site.  She has a new line of yarn!  I’ve ordered quite a bit of her gradient yarn over the last couple of years, she in an independent dyer from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Now she has speckled yarn!  I don’t have any speckled yarn!  I have a future project in mind that calls for speckled yarn.  So, before I knew it, it was ordered and paid for.

The project is a hap from The Book of Haps, the Theme and Variation Shawl.  I love this whole book, and have started one of the Haps already, Houlland.  I think I will end up knitting almost all of the patterns in the book.

The Theme and Variation Shawl calls for two skeins of fingering weight yarn.  The sample in the book uses one skein of speckled yarn.  It’s gorgeous.

I was thinking of knitting it without the speckled yarn, using white or off white, and while looking through the pictures on the project page on Ravelry I noticed some knitters have knit with two plain or tonal yarns and they look great, but the pictures of the shawls with the speckled yarn just make the shawl stand out.

After purchasing the yarn, I was looking at blogs that I follow, and The Loopy Ewe is having a 10th Anniversary Kit offer with an AWESOME project bag.  The kit comes with the project bag, a skein of yarn and a pattern.  I figured what the heck, I already blew it…and so I ordered it.


And then I went to my friend Kara’s Etsy shop because she had some awesome grey tonal hand dyed yarn the last time I had looked, and it was still available, so I ordered that.  Lol  I was on a roll.

I even went to my friend Susie’s Etsy shop because she did have some blue handspun yarn I was drooling over a couple of months ago, but it was sold.

So, I’m done with shopping, while it was a fun afternoon and I bought things I wanted, I really did not need any of it.  I’m not going to feel guilty about it, and I am absolutely going to enjoy everything when the packages start arriving.  I was thinking it’s a good thing it was a statutory holiday today.  While I stayed home, I will still receive my pay for the day –  I think I spent most of it!  And tomorrow I will go back to keeping my resolution – can I still keep it if I’ve already broken it?  Hmmm.  Well, the next time I have a desire to purchase any, I resolve to make myself go sit in my craft room for an hour.  That should do it!