Works In Progress – and a plan

Last week I slowly gathered all my unfinished knitting projects stashed in bags in closets,  my office and my craft room.  I knew I had a lot, but was still surprised when I laid them all out on my craft room table and discovered I had 29!!


  • 12 shawls
  • 3 cowls
  • 2 pairs of mitts
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • 1 sweater
  • 2 blankets
  • 3 hats
  • 1 scarf

This morning I started with a hat I had started for my brother in law which was 3/4 done.

Gordie Hat.jpg

I finished knitting it this afternoon, soaked it in a tub of warm water and wool wash and it is now drying… down to 28.

Looking through everything I decided that I didn’t really love one cowl ……now down to 27.

I picked 2 projects to work on for now, a shawl and a pair of socks.

The shawl pattern is Hediye by Ysolda Teague.

Ysolda Teague Hediye.jpg

I had a skein of handspun merino and cashmere blend in a heavy worsted weight that I thought would be perfect for this pattern.  The yarn was spun by Suzie at Knit Natural.  I decided to use this skein for the border and Malabrigo Worsted that I had on hand for the body of the shawl.  I started knitting it in May of this year and I’m a little more than half way done the border.

My Hediye.jpg

This picture shows about 1/4 of the border finished.  I’ll post a more updated picture in a future post.  The yarn is so soft and squishy but still has a lot of stitch definition.  It’s perfect!

The second project I picked to work on is Diamond Lace Socks, the pattern designer is Qianer Huang.  I started them last June and finished one sock, so just the matching sock and this project will be done!

Diamon Lace Socks

The yarn is by Hiloris Magical Yarnorium.  I love this gradient yarn!  This colour is Ocean Pearl.

I’m excited to be getting organized and tackling all these unfinished projects!





Author: northernpineknitter

I live in rural northwest Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm married with 5 children and 7 grandchildren. I love working with fibre knitting, spinning and weaving.

2 thoughts on “Works In Progress – and a plan”

    1. Thank you for reading! This blog post is my way of keeping myself on track and not starting any new projects until I either knit all these or decide I don’t want to finish them and rip out the yarn for use in new projects. I apparently want to knit every pattern I see while having a short attention span. 😄.


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